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Media Guidelines

Image Sensing Solutions Europe from Sony  has established the following set of guidelines in order to ensure that our products and brand message is delivered consistently by our sales representatives, partners and members of the press worldwide. In following these guidelines, you help us, among other things, protect our valuable trademark rights and strengthen our corporate and brand identities. 

This Marcom Resource Centre may contain confidential information about ISS Europe products.

The ISS Information and Marketing material may not be reproduced without permission. After approval from Marcom Department, you may use the ISS Marcom Material for the following activities:

Please contact the Marcom Team to get more details and support on Use of material.

Image Usage Guidelines

This Marcom Resource Centre may contain confidential information about ISS Europe products. As such, these images are for use solely by ISS Europe partners such as dealers, clients or customers, members of the media, journalists or analysts in print and/or online publication, and its products Images and descriptions may only be used in connection with the promotion of the corresponding Sony product or brand and not for other goods and/or services.

ISS Europe authorizes you, depending on your login profile, to view and download the images and documents in this Marcom Resource Centre, provided that image colors or proportions are not altered. Images may be resized, within reason, to fit into a specific article or publication.
When possible please use the hi-res version of the image. You can find hi-res images on the product page by clicking on the resources tab.

Logo Usage Guidelines

Terms and Conditions for Sony Logo Usage to be confirmed soon.

Technical Material Use

Terms and Conditions for Technical Material usage to be confirmed soon.


ISS Europe from Sony may make changes to the material on this Marcom Resource Centre at any time without notice. The information on this Marcom Resource Centre may be out of date and ISS Europe makes no commitment to update the materials within a specified time period. Information on this Marcom Resource Centre may refer to products not available in your country. Consult the ISS Europe contact in your area for information regarding the products that may be available to you.
Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or service marks of their respective owners.

ISS Europe from Sony may revise these terms at any time by updating this posting.