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Polarised camera for AI system

XCG-CP510/CL (B/W)
• 2/3-type Polarization Image CMOS Sensor with
Global Shutter Function (Pregius)
• 5.1MP 23 fps
• SDK for Polarization Camera (for NVIDIA Jetson)
*XCG-CP510/CL includes license of XPL-SDKLJ
IMAGE SENSING SOLUTIONS Digital Polarised Technology
The following are made possible through the use of edge
computing to analyze and process data: (1) More instantaneous
processing (2) System downsizing (3) Reduction of data
transmission cost.
Canceling car windshield reflection by processing polarization,
allows for the inside of cars to be captured clearly, something
that proved to be a difficult up until this point in the ITS market.
This clarity makes it easy to identify illegal smartphone use while
driving or to verify whether drivers or passengers are wearing a

Key Features


Capture a polarized image with one shot
Each individual pixel has one of four different linear
polarization filters which enables four different
polarization images to be captured simultaneously.
Each calculation unit composed of four-pixel block
supports calculation of “Polarization directions” and
“Degree of Polarization (DoP)” based on luminance value
on each pixel.
The polarization camera SDK enables the following
polarization image processing.
• Degree of Polarization (DoP)
• Surface Normal
• Reflection Removal
• Reflection Enhancement.
Work efficiency
• The polarization camera SDK enables easy polarization
application development.
• Sony provides a viewer application, library, and sample source code


Key Features icons resolution, compact size, partial scan / binning, IEEE 1588 compliant, noise filter, PoE/DC 12 V, LUT, sensor, speed, interface, WDR
Sensor 2/3 Type CMOS sensor (Pregius)
Resolution 5.1 MP
Speed 23
Width 29
Height 29
Depth 42
Weight 65 g
Interface GigE Vision 2.0
Partial scan/binning
IEEE1588 compliant
HW & SW trigger
Noise filter
DC 12 V (PoE)
Power consumption 3.3 W
Image stabilization
Noise reduction


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