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12x Standard Definition

These cameras are specifically designed to be integrated into security domes/cameras, police vehicles, photo booths, document stands, and low-vision systems. There are nine cameras in the FCB-EX Series lineup, and each incorporates a wide variety of optical zoom lenses ranging from 10x to 36x. With this breadth of choice, it’s never been easier to select the right camera for your specific monitoring applications.

Target applications:

  • Mini speed dome
  • ITS
  • Low vision
  • Police car

Key Features



12x Interlace Scan Model



• Upgrade successor of FCB-EX11D/P and FCB-CX11D/P

• Compact-size and lightweight model

• 12x optical and total 144x with 12x digital zoom

• Higher horizontal resolution up to 550 TV lines

• Digital output via LVDS (30-pin thin coaxial) / Analog output (9-pin FFC)

• Auto ICR mechanism for Day & Night function

• Enhanced Noise Reduction

• Succeed the basic functions of E ver. Series



High-quality Digital Output

The camera is equipped with a digital interface (Y/Cb/Cr 4:2:2) which is comparable to ITU-R BT656. Using this digital interface means that the quality of the camera’s video signal does not deteriorate. In addition, there is no need for an external analog/digital converter between the camera and any other equipment.


Enhanced Noise Reduction

By combining 2D and 3D noise reduction, the camera offers a wide selection of noise-reduction settings, from Level 1 to Level 5, to allow the user to choose the ideal level for different shooting conditions.



High-resolution Images

The camera achieves a high horizontal resolution of 550 TV lines to reproduce very clear and detailed images.


High-sensitivity Images

The camera delivers exceptional high sensitivity - ideal for security applications.


Advanced White Balance

For the White Balance function, there are two different modes: Outdoor Auto mode and Sodium Vapor Lamp

mode. These modes are designed to adapt to changing natural light outdoors, and to changing sodium vapor lamp lighting, respectively.


Extended Operation Temperature

The camera can operate in a range of temperature from -5°C to 60°C.


Temperature Readout

The camera unit’s internal temperature can be read out via VISCA. This data can be used as reference data to activate peripherals such as a fan or heater inside the camera equipment.


Slow AE Response

These cameras allow the user to set the auto response speed (up to 10 minutes) to enable the cameras to adapt to changes in lighting conditions. For example, when shooting in an underground parking lot, valuable images could otherwise be missed when car headlights cause an abrupt change in lighting conditions.


Color Enhancement

Ideally suited to low-vision applications, new color enhancement options can make reading text and pictures less challenging. Full-color images can be changed to black and white, and then inverted into two selected colors.


Auto IR-cut Filter Removal (Auto ICR)

Advanced Spherical Privacy Zone Masking

Electronic Flip (E-Flip)

Multi-line On-screen Display

Video Motion Detection

Picture Freeze

SMART (Sony Modular Automatic Lens Reset Technology)

Gain Limit Setting

Zoom Limit Setting

Zoom Speed-up in Zoom Direct Mode (Focus Trace On/Off)

Focus Compensation in ICR Mode

Alarm Signal Output in Auto ICR Mode

Image Stabilization Hold



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