1/1.2-type Global Shutter CMOS colour camera with Pregius

The XCG-CG240 (black & white) and XCG-CG240C (colour) combines the best of Sony technology in a convenient form factor which is optimised for use within both the Industrial Vision and non-manufacturing vision markets.  The XCG-CG240C draws upon Sony's market leading Global Shutter CMOS sensor technology, combining the IMX249 2,4MP sensor with a rich heritage of complete camera technology, bringing the best combination of performance and quality from a brand you can trust.  

The XCG-CG240C incorporates the very latest Pregius high sensitivity technology for maximum visibility in challenging lighting environments.

The XCG-CG240C has a resolution of 1936 (H) x 1216 (V) with a frame rate of 41 fps and supports GigE Vision 1.2 / 2.0 with a one cable PoE capability.

Key Features


  • Sony IMX249 2.4MP 
  • 41 fps
  • Compact cubic size
  • GigE Vision 2.0/1.2
  • Gigabit Ethernet with PoE
  • IEEE1588 compliant
  • Area Gain
  • Advanced Image Processing
    • Defect Pixel Correction
    • Shading Correction


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Key Features icons resolution, compact size, partial scan / binning, IEEE 1588 compliant, noise filter, PoE/DC 12 V, LUT, sensor, speed, interface, Frame Accumulation, WDR
Sensor 1/1,2-type Global Shutter CMOS (Color)
Resolution 2.4 MP
Speed 41
Width 29
Height 29
Depth 42
Interface GigE Vision 2.0
IEEE1588 compliant
HW & SW trigger
Noise filter
DC 12 V (PoE)
Shading/ defect correction


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