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Sony is expanding its popular XCG GigE camera series with the

introduction of a new high-quality, high-sensitivity monochrome

camera. The new XCG-H280E incorporates a 2/3-type EXview

HAD CCD II™ sensor which provides greater sensitivity in the

visible and near-infrared wavelengths than previous models.

In addition to inheriting some of the unique features of Sony’s

XCD Series such as Bulk Trigger and Sequential Trigger modes,

the XCG-H280E features a full-HD high frame rate image-transfer

capability with 8-, 10-, or 12-bit video data output.

Key Features

Features Specifications Accessories Downloads Resources
The XCG-H280E incorporates the GigE Vision® interface standard,
based on Gigabit Ethernet technology. In response to the
growing demand for large-scale systems, this interface enables
the camera to transfer a large amount of data over long
distances. The use of an Ethernet cable and the availability of a
wide variety of peripheral devices contribute to significant
cost-cutting benefits when designing a complete vision system.
By utilizing the features and benefits of the GigE Vision, the
XCG-H280E camera is ideally suited to the demanding
requirements of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and
machine-vision applications.
  • Excellent picture quality thanks to progressive scan CCD technology from Sony
  • CCD read out supports Partial scan, Binning
  • 8/10/12 bits / pixel (Raw data or B/W)
  • Shutter Manual (2 to 1/100,000s)
  • Gain control Manual (0 to + 18dB) /Auto
  • 16 Memory Channels
  • GigE Vision interface based on Gigabit ethernet 1000 BASE-T technology
  • Packet resend mechanism
  • Data transfer length up to 100m
  • Advanced trigger modes (sequence, pulse width, delay)
  • Fixed trigger latency (from hardware input to exposure start)
  • Exposure output, digital inputs/outputs
  • 1,024 Bytes User Memory

 GigE Vision Interface

The adoption of the GigE Vision® Version 1.2 adds to the outstanding value and performance of the XCG-H280E camera. Being GenICamcompatible, the XCG-H280E is easy to integrate, thanks to a host of commercially available image-processing libraries.


High Frame Rate Image Transfer

The XCG-H280E features a high readout rate of uncompressed images for smooth and clear results. This also enables the camera to capture fast-moving objects without sacrificing image quality.


High Sensitivity

Utilizing Sony’s latest EXview HAD CCD II technology enables the XCG-H280E to capture clear images in lowlight environments. When used with an infrared strobe, the camera’s high sensitivity in the near-infrared wavelength delivers outstanding picture quality.


Image Buffer

The XCG-H280E is equipped with an image buffer, which serves as temporary storage for captured images for later transmission or retransmission. This function allows users to maximize bandwidth in multiple-camera operations or reconfirm specific images as required.


Bulk Trigger Mode & Sequential Trigger Mode

In addition to conventional Trigger mode, the XCG-H280E camera features advanced Bulk Trigger and Sequential Trigger modes. The camera supports 16 memory channels that can store up to 16 different camera setups (exposure, gain, LUT). Bulk Trigger mode allows the XCG camera to capture up to 16 images in rapid succession using a single software or hardware trigger. Sequential Trigger mode allows the camera to capture a single image using successive setups stored in the memory channels with each software or hardware trigger.


Low Power Consumption and Compact Design

The XCG-H280E camera features low power consumption and a compact 50 x 50 x 57.5 mm (2 x 2 x 2 3/8 in) design. The camera also has the ability to operate at temperatures of up to 50°C / 122°F.



Key Features
Video format
Optical zoom (lens)
Digital zoom
Super resolution zoom
Live view
Video output
Partial scan/binning
IEEE1588 compliant
HW & SW trigger
Noise filter
DC 12 V (PoE)
Shading/ defect correction
Frame accumulation
External synchronization
Power consumption
Image stabilization
Noise reduction
Visca command

Optional accessories:

Tripod Adaptor

Camera Adaptors


Sony XCG Resources

Below are a number of tools and resources dedicated to support the promotion of Sony GigE cameras.

Product Datasheet