1,6 MP Camera Link camera (BW & Color)

Compact size: 29(W) x 29(H) x 30 (D) mm
Area gain
Defect correction
Shading correction
Multi ROI *1
Base Clock 45/75 MHz selectable
High compatibility with the XCL-C series
• Identical command specifications/mounting hole
Identical sensor size as XCL-C500 *2

Key Features


Key Features icons resolution, compact size, IEEE 1588 compliant, noise filter, LUT, image stabilization, sensor, speed, interface, WDR
Sensor Sony IMX273 1/2.9 type GS CMOS (Pregius)
Resolution 1.6 MP
Speed 127
Width 29
Height 29
Depth 30
Weight 53 g
Interface Camera Link
Partial scan/binning
IEEE1588 compliant
HW & SW trigger
Noise filter
Shading/ defect correction
Frame accumulation
External synchronization
Power consumption 2.7 W
Image stabilization
Noise reduction


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