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The Sony EVI-D100 (NTSC) and EVI-D100P (PAL) video cameras are a great choice for any application that requires a high-quality colour video camera with the flexibility of remote pan/tilt/zoom operation, all in a compact easy-to-use package.

These high quality CCD cameras combine a high-speed, quiet pan/ tilt with a wide angle of view and 40x zoom. Auto focus and automatic exposure control with back light compensation are fast and stable and can easily cope with difficult lighting conditions. The EVI-D100/D100P models are ideal for applications such as videoconferencing, distance learning and corporate training, surveillance, sports, concerts and internet communications such as webcasting. Additional advantages are provided by easy to use presets, daisy-chaining capability and various digital picture effects.

Key Features


High Speed, Wide Range Pan/Tilt

The camera moves to a designated position quickly and immediately with a high pan/tilt speed.

Max. pan speed: 300 degrees/s

(range ± 100 degrees)

Max. tilt speed: 125 degrees/s

(range ± 25 degrees).


Quiet Operation

Direct drive motors account for the gear-less structure of the camera,

reducing the noise of pan/tilt motion drastically compared to conventional models.


40x Zoom Ratio (10x Optical + 4x Digital)

The fast and stable auto focus zoom lens reaches impressive 40x zoom ratio.


Built-in Conversion Lens for Wide Angle View (65 degrees)

The EVI-D100/D100P incorporates a newly developed wide-angle lens for wide field of view image capturing, making it ideal for use in small-sized rooms.


Six-position Presets with Battery Back-up

An integral back-up battery stores presets of pan/tilt/zoom, focus position, AE mode and White Balance mode, even when the unit is powered off.


Auto Sleep Function 

The camera can be set to automatically turn off when not in use after a specified period of time. 


Various Picture Effects 

Mirror Image, Still Image on Field Memory, Pastel Image, Negative/Positive Reversal, Enhanced Contrast, etc. 


Multi-function IR Remote Commander® unit 

Easy to use supplied Remote Commander unit is useful for basic pan/ tilt/zoom camera control. 


RS-232C Serial Control by VISCATM software 

All camera settings and pan/tilt/zoom functions can be controlled remotely via PC. 


EVI-D30/D31 Emulation Mode

The EVI-D100/D100P features an EVI-D30/D31 emulation mode that allows users to control their cameras using the same commands as those used for the EVI-D30/D31 cameras. 


* The EVI-D100/D100P may not emulate the EVI-D30/D31 perfectly due to the hardware differences between the two models.



Supplied accessories :
- AC adaptor
- Velcro Tape
- IR remote commander unit
- Operating instructions
Optional Accessories:
- RM-BR300  : Joystick Remote Control Unit for Most Sony PTZ Cameras 
The Sony RM-BR300 remote control unit can control the Sony PTZ cameras, either individually or daisy-chained!
This stylish controller has a Sony ergonomic, easy-to-use design and features a joystick. The control interfaces are RS-232C and RS-422 based on VISCA protocol. The RM-BR300 controls all major camera functions, including access to the menu and preset functions.
The SONY RM-BR300 PTZ camera joystick camera controller is designed to provide AV system.
Integrators with a broadcast quality joystick camera controller that can control any of the Sony PTZ camera.
The Controller can be used as a stand-alone camera controller or be combined with a video switching provided by one of our partners.
Additional camera pre-sets and additional camera control capabilities to your project.
Features of the Sony RM-BR300 include camera positioning, zoom and focus, backlighting, camera pre-set memory recall and storage, Multi-camera control, Pan/Tilt speed control and complete VISCA compatibility.


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Technical Manual
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