Sony is enhancing its intelligent camera line up with the introduction of four new cameras to its XCI Series – offering users a choice of VGA or SXGA resolution in either monochrome or colour.

Key Features


The XCI-SX100C is equipped with a 1/3 type progressive scan CCD that achieves outstanding picture quality and high-resolution SXGA images (1280 x 960) at 30fps.


Compared to previous models, this smart camera is equipped with enhanced processing power (x86-compatible 1GHz VIA Eden ULV), built-in Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system and a highly capable 512MB of SDRAM memory. It achieves high-speed processing with low power consumption and also offer high-speed network operation up to 1000Base-T. 

In addition this unique camera is equipped with various interfaces including: two USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet I/F to enable wideband transmission, monitor output, serial interface (RS-232C), trigger input and exposure output. It also employs Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) as an additional processing device, which enables easy customisation for system designers via programmable blocks. And when applications call for precise colour monitoring, the XCI-SX100C colour camera is ideal. 


Combining high-quality image processing within the camera, direct data transfer via a network, and the ability to control peripheral devices, this intelligent camera offers a perfect solution for machine vision applications. It is also an excellent choice for high-end security monitoring of parking lots, shopping centres, and train stations since it is equipped with several key surveillance features, including: support CS mount lenses, mounted Auto Iris interface, AWB, AG C, and Wide-D images.


This next-generation smart camera from Sony is ideal for traffic control, security, pharmaceutical, food and beverage inspection, as well as traditional machine vision applications. 

  • X86-Compatible1 GHz CPU
  • Monitor Output
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 2.0
  • Customisable FPGA
  • Auto Iris
  • C/CS Mount


High-performance Processor

• x86-compatible CPU (1GHz. VIA Eden ULV)

• MMX SSE, SSE2 and SSE3 compatibility

• Low power consumption

• 512 MB main memory (DDR2 SDRAM)


Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Support

Enables the cameras to integrate with a wide range of machine vision systems

and surveillance systems.


Excellent Picture Quality/High Frame Rates

SXGA (1280 x 960) at 30 fps ideal for applications that require the capture of highly detailed images. 


Watch Dog Timer (WDT)

This monitors software activity on the CPU and reboots the hardware if problems occur.


Full Range of Pre-processing Functions

• Colour-processing function enables the reproduction of extremely detailed images

• Built-in real-time 5x5 image pre-processing filter

• Hardware LUT (Look Up Table)


Dual Readout by Wide-D Technology

This function allows you to capture two images at different shutter speeds. For machine vision applications, you can obtain two different images simultaneously and analyse them in separate ways without changing the lighting. In addition, for security applications, a composite image with a wide dynamic range can be produced with software image processing.


Various Interfaces

• Easy and direct monitor output (D-sub 15-pin)

• High-speed network connectivity, up to 1000Base-T

• USB 2.0 interface

• Two USB ports allow users to control the camera via a mouse and/or keyboard

• Auto Iris control, convenient for a wide range of security applications

• Digital Input/Output and RS-232C allow cameras to connect with external equipment. such as sensors, strobe lights, and Programmable Logic Controllers (PlC)


Other Features

• External trigger shutter

• Vertical and horizontal partial scanning function

• Vertical and horizontal binning function

• Selectable power supply between 12V and 24V

• High shock and vibration resistance


Sensor Block

Image device
1/3 type IT Progressive Scan CCD

Effective picture elements (H) × (V)
1,280 × 960 (SXGA)

Cell size (H) × (V)

3.75 μm × 3.75 μm


Resolution depth

Raw 8: 8 bits/pixel Raw 16: 10 bits/pixel

Y 8: 8 bits/pixel Y 16: 10 bits/pixel

BGRi: 8 bits B/G/R, Interleave

RGBp: 8 bits R/G/B, Plane

YUVi: 8 bits Y/U/ V, Interleave

YUVp: 8 bits Y/U/ V, Plane

Y+BGRi: Y8 bits+8 bits B/G/R, Interleave

Y+RGBp: Y8 bits+8 bits R/G/B, Plane


Frame rate

30 fps (SXGA)



2000 lx F5.6 (0 dB)


Gain control

Manual (0 to +18 dB, 0.1 dB steps)


Readout modes

Normal, Partial scanning (H/V 16 division), LUT , 5 × 5 filter


Normal shutter speed

2 to 1/50,000 s


External trigger shutter

Trigger start (shutter speed: 2 to 1/50,000 s), Trigger start and exposure duration (4 s Max), Trigger inhibit function, Trigger delay function: 0 to 4 s, 1 ms step


Strobe delay function

0 to 4 ms (1 µs steps)


Auto features

AGC, AWB, ATW, Auto Iris Control






x86 1GHz, VIA Eden UL V (L1 caches 64 KB × 2, L2 caches 128 KB)









1000 Base-T/100 Base-TX/10 Base-T


Monitor output

D-sub 15 pin for multi scan monitor



Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) × 2


Serial communication



Iris control



Trigger input

Low: 0 to +0.5 V, High: +4.5 V to +24.0 V


Strobe output

Low: 0 to +1.0 V, High: +4.0 V to +5.0 V


Digital I/0s

Isolated IN (4), Isolated OUT (8)





Lens mount

C mount/CS mount switchable (C mount of the shipment)


Power requirements

DC +10.5 to 26.4 V


Power consumption

18.2 W (Max.)



94 (W) × 70 (H) × 140 (D) mm (not including projecting parts)



Approx. 760 g


Operating temperature

–5 to +45°C


Storage temperature

–30 to +60°C


Operating humidity

20 to 80% (no condensation)


Storage humidity

20 to 95% (no condensation)


Vibration resistance

10 G (20 to 200 Hz)


Shock resistance

70 G





Supplied Accessories

Lens mount cap, C mount conversion adapter (installed), Fall-prevention wire rope, Screw, Operating instructions



Supplied Accessories:

  • Lens mount cap
  • C mount conversion adapter (installed)
  • Fall-prevention wire rope
  • Screw
  • Operating instructions


Optional Accessories:

  • CFXCI-WD1G100 : Compact Flash 1 GB for Windows XPe environment and integrating sample application.



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