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Digital Imaging Camera/SDK

Sony Alpha camera supported by Sony SDK (Software Development Kit)

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Zoom Camera Block

Digital Video Block including Sony firmware for OEM integration

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Digital Video Camera using various interfaces (USB, Gigabit Ethernet, Camera link)

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Perfection in Reflection. The new polarising camera range from Sony

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*Coming Soon* 4K Colour Camera Block with 20x Optical Zoom with External Synchronisation feature.
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Introducing the latest edition to our FCB range: The FCB-ER8550, like the FCB-ER8530 resets the bar in picture quality and performance in a convenient and compatible form factor, bringing 4K possibility to a variety of applications where space and form factor is a premium.

Equipped with the latest Sony CMOS sensor technology the FCB-ER8550 is the latest edition to the highly regarded FCB-ER range which was first introduced with the launch of the FCB-ER8300.

Like the FCB-ER8530, the FCB-ER8550 offers 4K resolution at 30fps together with an integrated 20x Optical Zoom lens but includes external synchronisation capability.  The form factor is almost identical to FCB-EV7520 thus offering a convenient solution to migrate to 4K without necessarily needing to re-design your end solution.

The external synchronisation capability of the FCB-ER8550 provides additional benefits to users who deploy multiple cameras, say for example in a broadcast environment or utilise an FCB together with another accessory such as IR light or thermal camera which can be common within the video survelliance industry.

The FCB-ER8550 inherits a multitude of features from Sony's world-renowned FCB Series including VISCA commend protocol, Auto-ICR and Image Stabilisation.  These market leading features are suitable for a variety of demanding applications.

Key Features

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Capture crisp, clear 4K @30fps images
The high-performance 1/2.5-type Exmor R CMOS image sensor achieves superb 4K (QFHD) picture quality. Using the latest Sony sensor technology the FCB-ER8550 can produce high quality images even in a wide variety of lighting conditions.

Fast, bright lens with rapid 20x optical zoom
The high quality lens offers a bright F2.0 maximum aperture and 20x optical zoom range. Fast zoom operation (from wide end to tele) is ideal for smooth, rapid transitions from wide area coverage to detailed close ups ensuring critical detail is not missed.

Get a steadier picture with image stabilizer
The camera’s built-in image stabilizer function counters the effects of blurred, shaky images caused by low-frequency vibration. It’s useful for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications where the camera may be subject to wind or mechanical vibration such as on a bridge or mounting pole.

Advanced 2D/3D Noise Reduction
Advanced noise reduction technology filters noise from the image for clearer results, especially in low light conditions. Noise reduction can be selected from six steps to suit a wide range of operating environments.

Clear vision round the clock with Day/Night
Benefit from optimized picture quality in changing light conditions – a frequent challenge in round-the-clock operations. In high sensitivity mode the camera can operate effectively in lighting
levels as low as 0.21lx (50%, ICR off, Slow Shutter 1/4s, High sensitivity off) and 0.06 lx (50%, ICR off, Slow Shutter 1/4s, High sensitivity on).

See more clearly with Visibility Enhancer and De-fog
Picture quality is enhanced dynamically and adaptively on a pixel-by-pixel basis while continuously adapting to the scene within the given dynamic range. There’s also a de-fog feature that allows clearer viewing in foggy or misty scenes.

Auto ICR (Auto IR-cut Filter Removal)
In low light conditions the camera automatically switches from day to night mode, removing the IR-cut filter to boost sensitivity for clear pictures in near-darkness.

Wide range of features for versatile operation
Versatile operation is ensured by a wide range of functions and adjustments, including: White Balance modes; Picture effects (E-Flip, Black & White, Mirror Image, Colour Enhancement, Gamma);
Privacy Zone Masking; Picture freeze; Shutter Priority; Iris Priority (26 steps) Slow AE response etc.

Contact Sony for more information.

Sensor 1/2,5- type Exmor R CMOS
Key Features resolution, compact size, optical zoom, digital zoom, image stabilization, external synchronization, HDMI video output, sensitivity, HFOV, VISCA commands
Resolution 8.51 MP
Video format 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p
Optical zoom (lens) 20x
Digital zoom 12x
Super resolution zoom 30x
Live view
Width 50
Height 60
Depth 93
Video output HDMI 1.4b
Partial scan/binning
IEEE1588 compliant
HW & SW trigger
Noise filter
DC 12 V (PoE)
Shading/ defect correction
Frame accumulation
FOV 70.7°
External synchronization
Power consumption
Image stabilization
Noise reduction
Visca command

Sony FCB Series Resources

Below are a number of tools and resources dedicated to support the promotion of Sony FCB cameras.

Product Datasheet
Technical Information
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Video conferencing in a post-Covid world: is a mechanical or digital PTZ mechanism better? And does 4K change this?

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