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Case Studies - archive

Vision technology applied to food production

Case study – Food ProductionOctober 2012 

Fantastic remote command of EVI/BRC Models !

 Case study - SonyISS December 2012

Check Video - Fast Real-time 3D Bin Picking from Tordivel AS

 Case study - Tordivel AS February 2013

Scorpion Compact Vision System

 Case study - Tordivel AS December 2012

Vision systems shift from crime recorders to crime preventers

 Case study -  Pebble March 2013

Making time go faster

Case study – QUALIMATEST21st October 2011

Peter piper picked a peck of perfect peppers

Case study – D.V.C.6th November 2011

How vision systems help deliver the Christmas turkey

 The principle role of the hatchery is to identify the fertilised eggs and incubate them to hatching; yet identifying which eggs are are viable is a hugely skilled task and requires exceptional levels of concentration.

Vision systems cut the likelihood of automotive recalls from cable failure

Case study – ALLIANCE VISION6th November 2011

Monitoring the transport of dangerous goods

Case study – SURVISIONIntertraffic – 27th March 2012 – Sony  booth  11.321

Dutch highways agencies go high tech to cut road surface damage

Case study – HORUSIntertraffic – 27th March 2012 – Sony  booth  11.321

ANPR camera network protects London’s tourist attractions

Case study – NDI-RS IFSEC – 14th May 2012 – meeting room A85 (hall 5)

Sony cameras and video analysis used to improve safety on Swedish motorway tunnels

Case study – ISG16th May 2012 

Videoconferencing with Skype!

Case study – Sony ISSJune 2012

Below is our list of archived case studies which demonstrate how Sony Industrial Camera products can be used to add value to our customers solutions.

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