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Scorpion Compact Vision System

 Case study - Tordivel AS December 2012

 Tordivel AS has chosen XCG Gige Cameras from Sony in their new Compact Vision System. Tordivel is introducing a new concept Scorpion Compact Vision System. The first product in this exciting series is the Scorpion Basic Plus that is targeting cost-effective 2D robot vision, assembly verification, identification and sorting. The system targets OEM and system integrators that want a professional configurable, low cost and rugged multi camera system.


Thor Vollset, CEO in Tordivel AS, says "This launch is very important for Tordivel. The new product is the first in a strategic family of 2D and 3D product offerings that complement our Scorpion Vision Software product range. The focus is to make it easier to deploy for our great OEM and system integrator partners. The first product is designed to be low cost, flexible and reliable and to support our Scorpion Vision Apps software products. We have partnered with Sony to provide the best and reliable high-quality camera solutions."


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The Scorpion Basic Plus Compact Vision System is a cost effective, proven, robust and complete configurable multi-camera 2D machine vision system.

The Scorpion Basic Plus Compact Vision System package is perfect for

  • 2D Robot Vision
  • Assembly Verification
  • Sorting and Identification
  • Scorpion Image Sentinel
  • Scorpion Vision Apps

The Scorpion Basic Plus package consists of a rugged and reliable Scorpion Compact PC and a Scorpion Basic licence plus the TemplateFinder3 and Calibrator tools.

  • Real-time machine vision system
  • Connectivity to 1-4 cameras for Sony for simultaneous inspections
  • Sub-pixel accuracy for location of object
  • Calibrator corrects lens distortion
  • No moving parts make it an robust and reliable industrial system
  • Digital IO and communication over rs-232 and tcp/ip
  • Ready to use Scorpion Vision Apps included in Package
  • Configure your solutions and apps with Scorpion Vision Software
  • Supported by free telephone support
  • Updates available over the Internet

The Scorpion Compact Vision System makes it easy to get started – all components are tested and fits together. Once you have powered the unit with 12 volt and connected the camera the preinstalled Scorpion Vision Apps turn the system into a working solution.