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This product is now obsolete

This is no longer in our current product line up. Click the button below to contact us and we will advise you on which of our current products meets your specific requirements.

The XC-ST Series cameras incorporate the innovative CCD and signal processing technologies into a compact black and white camera module.

A new external trigger design allows the electronic shutter speed to be freely specified by the width of an external trigger pulse or by a switch setting on the rear panel of the camera.

These cameras are also user-friendly, with all switch settings located on the rear panel. Moreover, the 1/3 type CCD, 1/2 type CCD and 2⁄3 type CCD models have the exact same dimensions, simplifying space requirements and making it easy to interchange them if necessary. These features, along with high picture quality and high shock and vibration tolerance make the XC-ST Series cameras ideal for demanding machine vision applications.

Key Features

Features Specifications Accessories Downloads Resources
1/2 type IT CCD
Small and lightweight:
44 (W) × 29 (H) × 57.5 (D) mm, Approx. 110 g
High sensitivity :
- 0.2 lx (F1.4)
High S/N ratio
58 dB : XC-ST51CE
60 dB : XC-ST51
Electronic shutter function
(1/100 to 1/10,000 s)
Flexible trigger shutter functions
Readout on Commande (with HD/VD input)
2:1 interface
Synchronisation: internal/external
Frame/Field exposure
Restart/Reset function
High shock and vibration tolerant
Image device
1/2 type IT CCD
Effective pictures elements
768 (H) x 494 (V) for XC-ST51
752 (H) x 582 (V) for XC-ST51CE
Signal system
EIA standard for XC-ST51
CCIR standard for XC-ST51CE
Horizontal frequency
15.734 kHz ±1% for XC-ST51
15.625 kHz ±1% for XC-ST51CE
Vertical frequency
59.94 Hz for XC-ST51
50 Hz for XC-ST51CE
Lens mount
C mount
Flange back
17.526 mm
Sync system
Internal / External (auto)
External Sync system
HD / VD (2 ~ 5 Vp-p), VS
External Sync frequency
Horizontal sync frequency ± 1%
less than ± 50 nsec
Scanning system
525 lines, 60 fields/s, 2:1 Interlaced for XC-ST51
625 lines, 50 fields/s, 2:1 Interlaced for XC-ST51CE
Video output
1.0 Vp-p, negative, 75 Ω unbalanced
Horizontal resolution
570 TV lines
560 TV lines
Sensitivity (g compensation ON, 0 dB)
400 lx, F11
Minimum illumination (F1.4 AGC ON, without IR cut filter)
0.3 lx 0.2 lx 0.3 lx 0.3 lx 0.2 lx 0.3 lx
S/N ratio
60 dB for XC-ST51
58 dB for XC-ST51CE
Gain AGC
(0 ~18 dB) / Manual (0 ~18 dB) / Fixed (0 dB) Selectable
Normal shutter
1/100 ~ 1/10,000 s for XC-ST51
1/120 ~ 1/10,000 s for XC-ST51CE
External trigger shutter
1/4 ~ 1/10,000 s for XC-ST51
1/4 ~ 1/8,000 s for XC-ST51CE
Power requirements
DC 12 V ±10%
Power consumption
2.0 W
44 (W) x 29 (H) x 57.5 (D) mm
110 g
Operation temp. /Humidity
-5°C ~ +45°C / 20 ~ 80%
Storage temp. /Humidity
-30°C ~ +60°C / 20 ~ 95%
10 G (20 ~ 200 Hz)
Shock resistance
70 G
70,600 hrs.
UL6500, FCC Class B, IC Class B, CE (EN61326/97 + A1/98), AS4251.1 + AS4252.2
Supplied accessories
Lens mount cap (x 1), Operating instructions (x 1)
Key Features
Video format
Optical zoom (lens)
Digital zoom
Super resolution zoom
Live view
Video output
Partial scan/binning
IEEE1588 compliant
HW & SW trigger
Noise filter
DC 12 V (PoE)
Shading/ defect correction
Frame accumulation
External synchronization
Power consumption
Image stabilization
Noise reduction
Visca command

Optional Accessories:


Compact camera adaptor
Compact, lightweight (700 g)
Two video outputs
External sync IN/OUT
Trigger input/WEN output
New EIAJ standard 12-pin connector

110 (W) x 53 (H) x 160 (D) mm
12-pin camera cable (CE standard)
CCXC-12P02N (2 m)
CCXC-12P05N (5 m)
CCXC-12P10N (10 m)
CCXC-12P25N (25 m)
Tripod Adaptor
Isolated type
Approx. 14 g
Dimensions: 40 (W) x 6 (H) x 59 (D) mm
Junction Box

Sony XC Series Downloads

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Technical Manual
Operating Instructions

Sony XC Resources

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